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Tindal Law Firm responsive Joomla website

Tindal Law Firm responsive Joomla site

Custom responsive Joomla template design.

Troy Tindal advises and represents clients in general civil litigation matters, including contract, construction, employment, and other business cases.


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Peopleclues https://www.andras-kovacs.com/porfolio/foto-fixing/item/81-peopleclues-hiring-recruitment-survey https://www.andras-kovacs.com/porfolio/foto-fixing/item/81-peopleclues-hiring-recruitment-survey Peopleclues


Peopleclues Pre Employment Testing & Assessments

Hiring is like detective work, you’re looking for clues. PeopleCLUES is a Job Fit Survey that explains HOW and WHY a person will do the job.

Combining assessments for personality, cognitive ability, attitude and engagement, you get to see the full picture on whether you’re looking at a future top performer or someone who will struggle to fit and perform well.


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Assess Systems https://www.andras-kovacs.com/porfolio/foto-fixing/item/69-assess-systems https://www.andras-kovacs.com/porfolio/foto-fixing/item/69-assess-systems Assess Systems

Assess Systems responsive Joomla site

Assess Systems responsive Joomla site

Established in 2000, AssessSystems principle is Robin McKay MA(Hons), supported by Brent Lawrence MBA and Dr Ruth Jillings. We are Organisational Psychologists, our business is assessments and online employee recruitment and appraisal systems.

We focus on the people in organisations - which ones to hire or promote - how to train and develop them - and how to maximise their collective potential.


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WolframBenz Kft https://www.andras-kovacs.com/porfolio/foto-fixing/item/39-wolframbenz-kft https://www.andras-kovacs.com/porfolio/foto-fixing/item/39-wolframbenz-kft WolframBenz Kft

WolframBenz Kft Elektromos járművek


Elektomos kerékpár. elektromos robogó, elektromos roller. Cégünk 2012-ben alakult 100%-os magyar tulajdonban.

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